Dave Campbell RMT | Registered Massage Therapist
Committed to maintaining optimal health and pain-free function.
Covered by MSP and most private plans.
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What can I expect?

1. One-on-one individual attention every visit: One advantage of massage therapy over some other kinds of treatments is the undivided personal attention you receive for your entire treatment time.


2. Attention to all parts of the body: The body is a single-functioning unit composed of a complex, three-dimensional collection of systems. Each system must be in balance for full function and well-being. The place where a pain is felt may not necessarily be where the restriction is located. While an individual treatment visit may focus on one specific region or system, attention is paid to restoring optimal function to the entire body.


3. Attention to all systems of the body: Consideration of blood flow, lymph drainage, respiration, quality of motion in tissue and joints, promotes a sense of well-being in and connection to the body.


4. Techniques of manual therapy provide drug-free pain relief: Massage Therapy integrates a variety of massage and other techniques – such as Swedish Massage, Neural-Muscular Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Mobilization, and Trigger Point Therapy – to address your specific needs.


5. It might take some time: Chronic pain and dysfunctions, especially those related to posture or repetitive strain, take time to develop. Some take months or years to become noticeable. By then the muscles, joints and other tissues will have adapted to an unhealthy way of being, and require retraining. This usually includes a combination of massage therapy, stretching and exercise to guide the body toward functional improvement. Don't worry; you won’t be given anything you can't handle or that can't be done in your own home or workplace.




Your first visit includes a medical history and consultation interview, followed by a physical assessment and treatment plan. Subsequent visits will begin with a short checking-in to see how you responded to your previous treatment and to determine that day’s focus. At all times, your privacy and dignity are assured. 

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