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I'm very grateful for the kind words expressed on this page.

"I am a competitive Powerlifter and have been seeing Dave for about 5 years now and he never disappoints.He works on whatever aches me and has really helped me stay the course with my lifting goals. I set a National deadlift and unofficial World record last month and feel I have more poundage in me as long as I remain healthy and Dave is one of reasons I am able to achieve this goal and more in the future! Thanks Dave! .
Bob H - Vancouver BC (Client since 2014)

I feel very lucky to have discovered Dave’s talents as a massage therapist: After four or five sessions I now have complete mobility in my left shoulder.  What’s even better, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night in pain, my shoulder hurting because I had moved the wrong way in my sleep.  Dave not only provided the massage therapy… but he also gave me a number of exercises which would strengthen the muscles and help ensure that I did not reinjure the shoulder.
Joe B, Ph.D. - Vancouver BC (Client since 2010)

While rehearsing a professional play, I developed a very painful neck injury. The director and cast members recommended Dave Campbell. After his skilled treatment I was able to return to work without prescription drugs. A physician later confirmed certified massage therapy was the best treatment and my stage union insurance reimbursed costs. I'm nearing 70 and am happy to vouch for Renewed Balance services. 
Jason L. - Vancouver BC (Client since 2011)

He is an expert at understanding and fine-tuning the instrument that is a performer's body. You can literally trust that you'll be in good hands with Dave Campbell!
Lisa B. - New Westminster BC (Client since 2011)

Dave Campbell is simply the best when it comes to good RMT work! As a repeat customer I am very familiar with the long-term benefits Dave's skillful hands are bringing to my body and general well-being. Thanks Dave!
Dean Paul G. - Vancouver BC (Client since 2011) 

I do lots of lifting and carrying in my job and can always trust Dave to get rid of all the knots and kinks that crop up. He always finds the root of whatever particular problem I have and makes it disappear. I travel a lot in my job and have over the years visited other massage therapists, none of whom can match Dave. Whenever I'm home, I make sure to visit him. He really is the best.
Heather M. - Vancouver BC (Client since 2001)

I've run two marathons in the past few years, and couldn't have done it without Dave! The pressure it puts on your body is extreme...and I am injury free. I believe it's due to his extensive knowledge and years of experience. Any question about how your body connects, he can answer and explain in an accessible way. This translates into an excellent massage, with lasting results!!! If you're looking for a wise use of your budget, Renewed Balance is the best in the city. Recommend without a doubt!!!
Natasha W. - Vancouver BC (Client since 2008)

I've been seeing Dave for years, and wouldn't think about seeing anyone else.  His experience and knowledge are second to none, and he's also a heck of a nice guy!  As a weekend warrior, stressed out computer operator, and aging boomer, I have received effective relief for neck, lower back, hip and leg pain/lack of mobility.
Deb W. - Vancouver BC (Client since 2005)

Dave Campbell has been a godsend in alleviating lower back muscle aches and tightness in my hips over the past five years -very knowledgeable in resolving muscle/fascia problems. .After each session, I walk out of his RMT clinic as a new man!
Cole W. - Vancouver BC (Client since 2005)

Thank you Dave Campbell RMT for the great massages since 2001. If you want pain relief of muscles, tissues and body this is who to come to.
Grace K. Burnaby BC (Client since 2001) 

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